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This is Dr.Saha's multispeciality homeopathy & cosmetology welcoming you to the world of best homeopathy doctor in kolkata. our chief consultant Dr.Snigdhodip Saha is one of the best homeopathy doctor in kolkata practicing homeopathy for last 10 years, has seen many critical & incurable cases which has been solved with few drops of homeopathic medicines. So we want to share few incidents with you all treated just with homeopathy kolkata.we are specialised in different types of hair growth treatment.come get treated by best hair doctor in kolkata.

People have some age old mindset regarding homeopathy that there are only some particular medicines for a particular disease. For example : if you have fever your veteran family member might suggest you bryonia or rhus tox or belladonna. If you are suffering from gastric disorder one might give you nux vomica. In any injury arnica. And exactly here the problem lies, because all the above examples will not work most of the time. Because "homeopathy treats the patient, not the disease." so eventually when those medicines stop to act some people lose their hope in homeopathy.in our clinic with different hair growth treatment & with homeopathy we served so many patients as a result dr.saha's family is reknowned as best homeopathy doctor in kolkata.& dr.snigdhodip saha is named among best hair doctor in kolkata.

So to resolve this particular problem & to clear up those age old myths regarding homeopathy, Dr.Saha's multispeciality homeopathy & cosmetology took the first initiative & a different approach aiming that 100% cure with homeopathy through individual treatment approach to individual patients. Examples attached herewith

Case 1:

Patient name - Manisha singh (F/32)

Place - Kolkata

c/c - Alopecia areata

Homeopathy medicine given - ignatia 100

Case 2:

Patient name - Ranadeep chakraborty (M/24)

Place - Kolkata

c/c - Alopecia areata hair treatment with homeopathy kolkata

Medicine given - acid fluor 1000

Here you can clearly see for the exact same problem of alopecia areata we chose two different medicines for two patients. because in case 1 there was a recent history of divorce due to which the patient was in a state of depression (yes homeopathy works best on mental symptoms). In case 2 there was patchy hairloss with craving for cold water i.e. particularly found in acid fluor. So these two cases reflects how we individualise each case to provide fastest possible results.

Another myth about homeopathy i want to clear up in this context, that the time taken by homeopathy to cure a disease.if you go through our patients reviews in google many patients labelled our treatment "fast acting". A case worth mentioning here a patient residing at kolkata, Mrs.Swrna Lekha (F/53) entered our clinic on 11th january around 7:30 pm, suffering from high grade temperature of 103 degree F. with a stat dose of Nitric acid 200 on togue her temperature came down to normal level within 120 seconds & never relapsed. choice of nitric acid in fever is not so common,but our individual approach & patient's history of losing blood from her piles on that day afternoon, guided us towards that uncommon medicine.

Dr.Saha's multispeciality homeopathy & cosmetology is located at the heart of south kolkata. & this is also the 1st fast & effective homeopathic clinic in kolkata with added cosmetology department where you can get all beautification treatments for hair & skin, like hairfall control, new hairgrowth, skin lightening, spot & scar removal, fineline treatment, antiageing treatment etc. The clinic is easily connected with north kolkata by metro, with kolkata by train & metro & with south kolkata by all convenient transport.Feel free to call us for any queries or to visit us for best homeopathy doctor in kolkata

Machines we use for perfect diagnosis & faster results in hair treatment

1. Dermastamp Technology from Japan for hair regrowth & skin beautification.
2. Laser Machine for hair fall control
3. Electro led microscope for computerised hair & skin testing
4. Micro needle therapy
5. Trichoscope
6. Dermatoscope
7. Otoscope
8. Respirometer
9. Lung Exerciser