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8 Common Reasons For Hair Loss You Should Know About

Are you suffering from hair loss problems? Can’t understand why it’s happening? Well, we’ve listed some of the frequently seen reasons for hair loss. No matter what the cause is for alopecia areata or baldness, you can count on homeopathic treatment to get permanent solutions. Make sure to consult with the best homeopathy doctor in Kolkata linked with a noted homeopathy clinic to receive high-quality homeopathic treatment for hair loss.

  • Stress

Both physical and mental stress can cause temporary hair loss. This is due to the untimely entry of premature hair follicles into the telogen phase. This stops the growth of new hair and accelerates the shedding of hair.

  • Drugs

Be it anti-cancer drugs, blood pressure controlling drugs or anti-acne drugs, many drugs are often responsible for hair loss.

  • Hormonal causes

Hormones can bring about hair loss in both men and women. This is mainly due to the action of androgen DHT or the optimal presence of androgen receptors in follicles that attracts the DHT. Hormonal imbalance triggers hair loss in a particular pattern from front to the crown in men while women usually face thinning throughout their head.

  • Childbirth

Many women experience post-pregnancy hair loss as multiple hairs tend to enter the resting or telogen phase simultaneously. Hormonal changes that occur in a woman’s body after recovering from pregnancy generally stimulate this condition.

  • Aging

Chances of hair loss increase with age. By the age of 35, almost 40% of men have visible hair loss while 60% of them have it by the age of 65. Also, the fine and thin elderly hair tend to appear like lost hair.

  • Thyroid troubles

Both overactive thyroid and underactive thyroid can induce loss of tresses.

  • Menopause

Hair thinning is evident in women after the age of 50 due to the effect of menopause.

  • Nutrition deficiencies

Iron deficiency is often the cause of hair loss in women. Low protein diets or abnormal eating habits result in protein malnutrition in the body that makes growing hair enter into the resting phase. And this initiates hair loss.

Apart from these major reasons, birth control pills, skin disorders, hair pulling and other issues often trigger loss of locks. Whatever the reason may be, homeopathy stands out as a completely safe and cost-effective measure to prevent hair loss and address its root cause. Book an appointment with the best hair doctor in Kolkata of a well-established homeopathy firm to cure hair loss. Such an experienced homeopathy specialist using advanced technology will offer you selectively crafted homeopathic medicines free from side effects to efficiently check hair loss and boost your health and immunity for long-term results.


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