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Best Homeopathy Doctor in Kolkata for Hair , Skin , PCOD, Sexology, Gastro, Liver, Allergy, Piles, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Autism & chronic Diseases

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70 years of Homeopathic Legacy - Since 1951

Dr. Sailendra Kr. Saha

(1st Generation)
( MD, DMS )
1951 to 1980

Dr. Sisirendra Kr. Saha

(2nd Generation)
( DMS, CAL ) 
1980 to 2011

Dr.Snigdhodip Saha

(3rd Generation running )
2011 to Present 

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Welcome to Dr.Saha’s Multispeciality Homeopathy & Cosmetology & into the world of one of the best homeopathy doctor in kolkata.our homeopathic medical head Dr.Snigdhodip Saha is renowned as one of the best homeopathic doctor in kolkata & is practicing homeopathy for last 12 years.In his medical career he has cured many critical & so called incurable cases with the combination of classical homeopathy & his ancestors well researched homeopathic formulations.His father Dr.Sisirendra Kr Saha dedicated his whole life in homeopathy practice & research for 31 years ( 1980-2011 ) & his grandfather Dr.Sailendra Kr Saha was one of the pioneer of homeopathy in kolkata & practised for 29 years ( 1951-1980 ).So collectively their 70 years research & experience in homeopathy has lead us to the path of success by curing more than 1 lakh patients so far.so feel free to contact us.we can be your ray of hope

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we treat more than 100 + diseases

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